Everyone that opens an account with Kent Reliance is automatically offered membership of KRPS. Even if you decided not to join at that time, you can still apply to join now. Just call our membership line on 0345 122 1177* or email us at members@krps.com.

The majority of our members were enrolled in February 2011 when KRPS commenced trading. At that time, the members of Kent Reliance Building Society were automatically transferred to Kent Reliance Provident Society (with certain exceptions). So if you were a member of the Building Society you were automatically enrolled in KRPS, unless you opted out. If you opted out of membership then you can still request enrolment (see above).

The ability of KRPS to control and influence the future development of Kent Reliance’s services and products is dependent upon the strength of its representation among the Bank’s customers. That is why we want to keep our membership growing as the bank grows.

As well as the power of this representation, bringing members’ voices directly to the Board and key executive structures within the Bank, from October 2013 there are new benefits. Qualifying members have a monthly chance to win in a free prize draw and all members know that they are part of a long-standing tradition of supporting charitable causes within the county of Kent.

Download the Rules of the Society (PDF document).

* For customer service and training purposes, calls with KRPS may be monitored and/or recorded.