Kent Reliance Provident Society (KRPS) is a mutual organisation formed as part of the transfer of Kent Reliance Building Society's business to OneSavings Bank plc (OSB).

It currently has two primary roles: firstly, it is the parent organisation of OSB. OSB was established following the transfer to it of the operating assets and liabilities of the former building society together with substantial capital investment provided by funds managed by J.C.Flowers & Co., a private equity firm.

The membership of the former building society, with certain exceptions, has been transferred to KRPS while OSB, trading as Kent Reliance, krbs and Kent Reliance Banking Services, carries on the banking activities.

Secondly, KRPS operates its own business for the benefit of its members, including operating some functions on behalf of the Bank on an arms-length, outsourced basis.

In addition, KRPS also runs a monthly prize draw scheme, matched by a monthly charitable giving programme to worthy causes within Kent.

KRPS is part of a unique mutual hybrid arrangement; able to represent the interests of its members at Board and key operational levels throughout the Bank.

We will continue to develop the role of KRPS as the customer and service champion for our members in their dealings with the Bank. We are always interested to hear from members on this subject. Please contact the KRPS membership team on 0345 122 1177* or email

Kent Reliance Provident Society

* For customer service and training purposes, calls with KRPS may be monitored and/or recorded.